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Justin Faulkner

Brand Consultant, Designer & SEO Specialist

Justin Faulkner is a seasoned designer, SEO expert and brand strategist with over a decade of experience.

After earning an Art Foundation Diploma from Arts University Bournemouth (2008-2009) and a 2.1 Honours Degree in Graphic Communication with Typography from the University of Plymouth (2009-2012), he built a robust career working with major financial brands in London and his hometown of Jersey.

In 2015, Justin opened The Shaping Bay, shifting his focus to smaller businesses and acquired certifications in Brand Consulting & Strategy and Search Engine Optimisation.

He now specialises in assisting healthcare professionals, particularly chiropractors, in achieving organic growth through the strategic application of branding and SEO techniques.

Outside the healthcare niche, Justin runs his surf travel blog Secret Seaweed—a luxury surf travel blog catering to high-end surf travel and exploration.

Articles by Justin

Marketing your Chiropractic Practice Podcast

I recently had a brilliant chat with Angus Pyke from the ‘Marketing your Practice Podcast’. Our conversation focused on how to grow a strong chiropractic brand organically and why a [...]
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How to excite & connect with your brand story

How familiar does this sound?… Using our friend Gary the Chiropractor as an example again. (Taken from the first paragraph of text on Gary’s new flashy website.) Welcome.Gary’s Chiro was [...]
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The functional approach to SEO

What is the flip side of paying to hold your ‘trophy’ spot at the top of Google? One of the questions I get asked all the time is: How do [...]
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How to increase patient retention

How long do your customers hang around for? Do you see them falling out of care once they have completed their initial treatment plan? Getting patients to transition from pain [...]
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5 symptoms of a weak brand

I work daily with healthcare brands on strengthening their brand-business connection and alignment. Typically, the problem I see with businesses fall into one of a few categories. Below is a [...]
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Why you don’t need a logo

My background is in Design, which comes with a title of expected outputs. The main two outputs prospective clients approach me for are: A logo. A website. And so the [...]
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