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Welcome to The Shaping Bay.

My name is Justin, and I have over ten years of experience growing healthcare brands across the globe.

I help chiropractors increase their PVA and attract new patients using 100% organic brand growth. Helping you grow your practice without digital marketing and social media strategies (i.e. Facebook ads or Google ads).

Organic brand growth is focused on patients finding, choosing and then referring your practice. It includes chiropractic marketing strategies, educational infographics, graphic design, website design and SEO (Search engine optimisation).

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What is Branding?

“Your brand is your community’s gut feeling about your business”.

Branding is the sum of efforts that make up the ‘vibe’ of your practice, whether that is good or bad. Everything from the way your receptionist greets new patients to the colour of your logo and the chiropractic care methods you use to form this overarching ‘vibe’.

Using branding and marketing strategies, we can influence how your community sees and experiences your practice. Leading people’s conversations about your business and creating ‘hype’ within the community.

Finding your ‘Why’

People generally have all of their material needs met in our western world. We have access to food on demand, drive a car to take us from A-B, and have houses for shelter.

But still, we make choices every day about which car we drive, where we buy our coffee, and what type of house we buy.

So, what makes one person buy an Audi and one buy a Mercedes-Benz? Both are cars that fulfil the user’s service of getting them from A-B.

What the user is connecting with is being part of something bigger. The image and status of driving a Mercedes-Benz is very different from that of an Audi.

Audi says, ‘hey, I am a practical guy, and I drive a totally reliable car due to its sturdy german manufacturing’. Whereas Mercedes-Benz says, ‘I am a prestigious guy, and I drive a car that is full of class’. But, at the end of the day, they are both nice cars, and they both fulfil the same level of service to the customer.

So, what is at play here? The simple answer is the brand.

This happens across every market, from Nike vs Patagonia to Starbucks vs your local barista and Coke vs Innocent Smoothies.

These small daily choices we make shape a little thing called our ‘world view’. That status that we see ourselves fitting into and aligning with. The deeper ‘why’ behind our buying choices.

Most Chiropractic practices focus on selling the nuts and bolts of their centre, selling chiropractic services. When, as defined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, consumers want to connect with something much deeper, to connect with a brand that competes on their ‘Why’ level. To be brought into a community, a tribe of like-minded people, and to contribute to something bigger. Helping shape their ‘world view’.

The core mission of brand building is to shape and influence the worldview that your practice fits into for your clients. So that you don’t rely on chiropractic services as your unique selling point.

If you want to learn more about world views and how to discover the ‘why’ behind your practice, I go into brand-building concepts in-depth in this free 25-minute training.

What is organic chiropractic marketing?

As a chiropractor marketing can be a confusing game to get your head around. Should you invest in Facebook ads, or Google ads? How often should you be posting on your social media accounts? These activities are all called ‘cold outreach’.

With cold outreach, you are putting your chiropractic practice in front of the eyes of browsers. Someone scrolling through Instagram on a Wednesday evening or browsing through youtube. The problem is, that they aren’t interested in your chiropractic practice.

With organic marketing, we are allowing people to find you, and come to you. The big difference here is people have made a choice to find you, they have a transactional intent (to find and pay for a chiropractic service).

Ensuring an effective chiropractic marketing campaign that attracts the right clients ongoing.

The benefits of building a brand

You can think of your brand as the foundation of your business. When you have a solid foundation to direct your chiropractic business:

  • Your digital marketing works better,
  • Your social media landing page conversions go up from clear call to action,
  • Your potential patients become lifelong clients,
  • Your chiropractic website converts better, resulting in higher rankings on google and search engines,
  • Your organic chiropractic marketing strategy starts to bring in new patients on demand, and
  • Your existing patients begin to refer other prospective patients, meaning you no longer need to rely on costly online marketing and pay per click ads.

Blog post & content creation

Establishing your brand and target audience means you can connect with the right patients and ensure an effective organic chiropractic marketing campaign. One struggle chiropractors often have is writing relevant blog posts, email marketing and social media posts.

A solid organic chiropractic marketing strategy (brand) gives your business direction to connect with existing patients and attract new patients.

Essentially, your brand directs what you create for your audience (patients) without the need to create totally new content from scratch each time you write.

If you don’t have a solid brand foundation, a client of mine Sarah Waller runs a brilliant online ‘done for you’ chiropractic blog topics, posts and email marketing service. Contact me for more information.

Attracting your tribe

A closer look at the Chiropractic industry shows that on average 90% of clients (patients) drop out of care within the first 6-9 months. And around 30% of those clients drop out of care after their first appointment.

This isn’t something that can be quickly fixed with Google ads, Facebook ads or a social media campaign. And it likely isn’t a problem with your chiropractic service, but a problem with your brand and marketing foundation. The way your chiropractic practice communicates with your community, and who it is attracting.

I use a unique three-step brand-building and organic marketing process to build a tribe of happy, connected clients who understand vitalistic healthcare. The kind of clients who choose to stay with you for life and refer other like-minded clients.

Turning patients into clients, and bringing clients into your tribe.

Let’s focus on building your tribe.

Chiropractic Infographics

Brand stories from my clients

The Brand Mind-Body-Spirit is more than a pretty logo. It is a roadmap to develop the character of your practice.

Clare Cullen
Ewell Chiropractic, Surrey

From our website to our stationery and clothing, Justin always over-delivers. Would highly recommend!

Tom & Sarah Waller
Epoch Lincoln, Lincoln

Justin helped me grow my practice, and everybody loves my branding. A wonderful man to work with. I can’t recommend him enough.

Neil Finemore
Wildheart Chiropractic, Exeter

A great experience. Justin really managed to extract my vision for the clinic and the clients I wanted to attract.

Brian Bamberger
Angel Chiropractic, Islington

Justin helped me grow my brand from the ground up. It was one of my favourite investments for my new Chiropractic clinic.

Rob Firth
My Chiro, Bristol

Justin’s ongoing support and ability to mould my vision into reality exceeded my expectations. This streamlines opening up.

Andrew Varnham
Evolve Chiropractic, Winchester