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Why you don’t need a logo

My background is in Design, which comes with a title of expected outputs. The main two outputs prospective clients approach me for are:

  • A logo.
  • A website.

And so the brand education process begins.

Chiropractors educate their clients on health, vitality and then the brain body connection. They transform a patient who once came in for an acute pain condition they needed relief from, into a connected human that is aware of the intrinsic role their brain and spine play in operating every aspect of their life. Chiropractors turn that relief searching patient into a long term ambassador of the art of chiropractic. They rave about the philosophy, they rave about the benefits, they tell all their friends, cousins, children, grandparents, cat, dog, spouse about their amazing results and transformational journey. 

This is branding. And Chiropractors are in the transformation business.

So, when my equivalent patient/client approaches me asking for a logo or website. My response is; Why?

The why question is a powerful word in the world of brand consulting. It can dive deep into the pain points of a situation, to find the functional cause of pain. Using the framework of my innocent client asking for a logo design. This is how the conversation goes.

Them: I need a logo.
Me: Why?
Them: Because I need it for my business.
Me: Why?
Them: Because I want to develop a brand.
Me: Why?
Them: Because I want to look professional.
Me: Why?
Them: Because I want people to see me as a professional.
Me: Why? (And this is where the shift happens…)
Them: Because it is important for my clients to see me as a professional.
Me: Why?
Them: Because then they will book in.

The turning point is when they think of their situation from their clients perspective. Re framing the initial need. 

Now we are getting to the heart of the problem. They don’t need a logo. They need to connect their business to their audience through a powerful new patient acquisition machine. They need a brand and a system as the success of any business is based on customers choosing you.

This is obviously beyond the scope of what a logo mark can do. A logo is important, but it definitely is not a system to book people in, open the door, take a payment, attract new leads, educate, inspire and transform. 

What my clients almost always need is help with is developing a strong business and communication framework. An efficient machine that runs while they sleep, so they can focus on their jobs and passion – serving their communities with purposeful chiropractic care.

This is where the lines between business and brand become blurred. Your brand is everything your business does to communicate. It is the voice of your business. From the way you answer the phone, to the handle on your front door, to the fashion style of your CA, to the structure of your processes. Everything is the brand, and everything drives the business. 

I start every branding project with a strong foundation in business strategy. To inform good design solutions and systems that drive the businesses growth. And just one small design part of this big picture of brand building is the logo design.

And so, to conclude, your brand is much more than just a logo and hopefully you now have a bit more knowledge on where the logo fits into this bigger picture. The logo is really the tip of an iceberg of foundation (to use a common anagram from the Chiropractic world). 

The brand is the foundational system that powers and influences every decision you make within your business. And is arguably the most important asset to ensure the success of any new chiropractic centre hustling within a busy modern world.

Justin Faulkner

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