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2008 – 2009
Arts University Bournemouth
Art Foundation Diploma

2009 – 2012
University of Plymouth
Graphic Communication with Typography
2.1 Honours Degree

Certification in Brand Consulting & Strategy

Certification in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


2012 – 2016
Malletcrane Limited
Web and branding agency based in Jersey and London.

2016 – 2017
QI Creative
Web and branding agency based in Jersey and the UK.

2017 – 2018
Market Creations
Marketing, Web and Branding agency based in Western Australia (Geraldton and Perth).

2014 – Today
The Shaping Bay

A few clients from the corporate world of business:

Jersey Finance, Jersey Tourism, Government of Jersey, Dandara, Highlands College, Lloyds Bank, Channel Island Stock Exchange, Lennox Paton, Foreshore, Penta Investments, Risktracker, Whitmill, C5 Alliance, BDO Group, Jersey Post, Digital Jersey, Ogier, Emirates NBD, Baker & Partners, Liberty Bus, Geraldton Property Guide, Government of Western Australia

The story of The Shaping Bay

I started my career in 2012, working for large advertising agencies in Jersey and London. Delivering corporate branding to large financial centres and government. 

We built a range of global brands, from; a financial centre’s global presence, to Law firms in the Bahamas, Trusts Funds in Geneva, and local government companies.

The work established a considerable knowledge for growing brands and shaping businesses. However, whilst technically I learned a lot, I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose and dreams as a designer.

Outside of work, I am a keen, lifelong surfer. Surfing has taken me all over the world. I have experienced some amazing cultures and met some incredible people.

In my early 20’s, I became sick whilst travelling and surfing in Indonesia. Like many people’s health stories, the symptoms didn’t go away on returning home, and I entered a long journey of health and discovery.

I had started reading a lot into diet and lifestyle and began following a paleo-style diet which got me instant results. I then started working with a brilliant Naturopath and seeing my cousin, Tom Faulkner, for Chiropractic adjustments. Within a few months of treatment, I felt better than I had ever known and finally regained control of my health.

Over the last 10+ years, my health journey inspired my interest in functional healthcare and human vitality. My partner Mara and I love reading and implementing diet, lifestyle, spirituality, fitness and health hacks into our families daily life. Striving to live the most natural, human lifestyle that we can.

The top three books that had a big impact on my outlook were:

  • Mark Hyman – What the heck should we eat
  • Joe Dispenza – Breaking the habit of being yourself
  • Chris Kresser – Unconventional medicine

In 2015, my cousin Tom Faulkner and I were working on branding his new Chiropractic centre, ‘Human Health’ in Jersey. The exposure from his brand rolled into years of referral work from other practitioners around Europe.

I talk a lot about finding a niche. But more often than not, your niche already exists, as did mine; you just need to realise who that niche is.

In 2014, The Shaping Bay was born as a small side hustle to support my design dreams. Providing corporate-level branding for small businesses and serving ethically conscious entrepreneurs across the globe.

Then, in 2018 I left the corporate world of design to focus on using The Shaping Bay to grow brands that align with my strong ethical morals and passion for health and vitality. Brands that positively impact their communities and help to evolve our world.

Over the years of building brands within the healthcare industry and using my experience in corporate branding, I have developed a unique framework and approach to building and growing a healthcare centre’s brand.

Nowadays, The Shaping Bay is an organic brand and business building system for healthcare entrepreneurs, a service that fulfils both my passion for vitality and my love for brand building.

I was struggling to communicate my message. Justin used the garbled ideas from my head and created something really beautiful. The Brand Mind-Body-Spirit is more than a pretty logo. It is a roadmap to develop the character of your practice and direct business decisions moving forward.

Dr Clare Cullen

 I class Justin and The Shaping Bay as part of the team, and unless he changes career or kicks us to the curb, I plan on working with Justin for many years to come, and will continue raving about him along the away!!

Dr Sarah Waller

Justin has a gift in building a brand from the ground up and integrating meaning behind every aspect people interact with. His ongoing support and ability to mould my vision in to reality exceeded my expectations. 

Dr Andrew Varnham

I have worked alongside Justin since 2016 and he has helped grow the Human Health brand into what it is today.

Dr Tom Faulkner

Justin helped distil my vision and develop a brand that unified my values and truly represented me. This has helped me grow my practice, and everybody loves my branding. A wonderful man to work with. I can’t recommend him enough.

Dr Neil Finemore

Justin helped me grow my brand from the ground up. It was one of my favourite investments for my new Chiropractic clinic.

Dr Rob Firth

A great experience. Justin really managed to extract my vision for the clinic and the clients I wanted to attract. I can stand behind my website and its message with confidence and enthusiasm! It has been fun, and it has really made me think hard about how to articulate my philosophy.

Dr Brian Bamberger

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