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How to excite & connect with your brand story

How familiar does this sound?…

Using our friend Gary the Chiropractor as an example again. (Taken from the first paragraph of text on Gary’s new flashy website.)

Welcome.Gary’s Chiro was founded in 2018 by Gary Dobson after completing a masters degree in Chiropractic at McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon…


Gary sounds a bit boring, and generic doesn’t he?

He doesn’t really draw the reader into the story. Like many businesses, he simply states the nuts and bolts of who he is.


So, how can Gary tell a compelling story?

Here is a simple 3 step framework I developed that will amplify your brand story and ensure you excite your readers.

  1. The normal.

Start by asking the reader a question, putting them into your story. 

Then set the scene. Where were you / the brand before you discovered your ‘transformation’?

  1. The explosion

Shift from the normal to a profound event that created your businesses transformation. 

This can be something dramatic, like getting knocked off your bike during a triathlon (Dr. Joe Dispenza). 

Or something simple like a profound realisation on creating a better experience for your community.

  1. The new normal

As a result of the explosion, life couldn’t go back to the way it was. 

The event caused a transformation in you / the business. And lead you to understand your customer on a much deeper level.


Sounding familiar?

Humans have used this structure for centuries, from Hollywood movies to best-selling novels.


Let’s use the well known Joe Dispenza story as an example:

  1. The normal

Joe Dispenza was a Chiropractor and director running a busy clinic. 

  1. The explosion

One afternoon, he was competing in a triathlon. A truck knocked him off his bike and left him in hospital, unable to move with six fractures through his spine. Told he would be disabled for life, he decided to try and use his innate power to up-regulate the healing in his body.

  1. The new normal

Two weeks later, he walked out of the hospital a new man. Healed by the power of his own mind and body. Life for Joe couldn’t continue as usual. He now teaches mindfulness workshops worldwide, helping others connect with their innate potential and wisdom.


How many of these brand stories can you recite?

What if your brand told a story so powerful and inspirational, it stuck in the minds of your community?

(Organically marketing your business within your community) 

Give it a go!

Feeling confident? 

I would love to hear your brand story! To get some free help and pointers, email your story to: justin@theshapingbay.com.

Justin Faulkner

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