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The brand (brain) – business (body) connection

I am asked daily for designs related to what clients view as ‘branding’. A logo, a website, a brochure, a business card. But the connection they don’t always see is where these brand designs fit into their business.

You see, when I dig deep into what the design is fuelling, I come to one obvious answer. The brand design is always in response to a need for the business. And this is where I feel the lines between the brand and business become blurred.

Let’s take a business card for example. A tactile touch point for business owners and associates to hand over to prospective clients. What is the purpose of this 85 x 55mm slice of digitally printed card? Why is it important, and what does it do?

Well, quite simply, it holds details about the business in a visually branded manor and allows the prospective client the chance to either; reach out and make contact with the business, or gives a link to learn more about what the business does. So, in this instance, is the business card defining the business, or the brand? The business card feeds information back to the business.

I love the anagram ‘brand and business are really two sides of the same coin’. This makes a lot of sense. As the brand fuels the business, and the business fuels the brand. Both are completely essential for each other’s survival. You can’t have a business without a brand, and you certainly cannot have a brand without a business.

In the Chiropractic world, Chiropractors are continually educating their clients on the intrinsic relationship between the brain and body. In the same way, your brain fuels your body with information and your body feeds back to your brain. One cannot survive without the other and you certainly cannot have a functioning body without a functioning brain.

This is the reason that optimising your brand is so important for business growth. Your business relies on your brand to fuel it and ensure it runs at optimal function.

Justin Faulkner

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