Wildheart Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Exeter

Stay Wild.

Working with a great friend of mine Neil Finnemore back in 2018 to develop his business Wildheart’s brand.

Neil’s ethos at Wildheart is to help people discover their innate potential for healing, health and vitality through chiropractic care. His goal is to create a tribe of families who experience life to its fullest potential through an optimally functioning nervous system.

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We needed a brand to help Neil’s centre develop and grow in presence organically within the Exeter community. We developed a concept together based around sacred geometry. The logo is shaped by the Metatron, and the brand includes imagery of Neils chosen spiritual animals in mystic settings.

This solid visual brings a particular customer to the practice, pre-qualifying them for Neil’s care and connecting them to the business. 

Since building the brand, Neil tells me that four people a week on average come in and mention how connected they felt to his brand imagery.

A picture certainly tells a thousand words.

Website • www.wildheartchiropractic.com