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Brain-Body Cycle Wall Decal


Handcrafted and printed in the U.K, then shipped directly to your practice door for installation by you or a local signmaker.

Includes free worldwide postage.


A detailed whilst simple design makes this vinyl ideal for any practice setting.

The Brain-Body Cycle wall decal (vinyl) is the perfect way to add some charm to your walls while also educating your patients on the intrinsic relationship between their brain and body.

Created by Justin Faulkner (Designer) and Thomas Faulkner (Chiropractor). The designs are printed and handmade to order in the U.K and then posted to your practice’s front door.

The designs can be easily installed by your local signmaker (or yourself if you know how to handle vinyl).

Free worldwide shipping – included on all vinyl orders.

Size – 1,320mm x 13,20mm

Next steps?
  1. Choose how many prints you would like and between the stock or customised design and checkout.
  2. Production time is 7 days, and postage times can vary from 3-14 days.
  3. Receive your awesome new designs.
  4. Ask your local signmaker or car wrapper to install the designs. Or install them yourself if you are feeling adventurous! If you or your signmaker break the design installing it, email me with a photo and I will send you another at print cost/trade.
  5. Enjoy.
Do you need help ordering?

Ask Justin anything – email justin@theshapingbay.com

The text in the centre of the design reads:

The human body is designed to be healthy. Our nervous system is the primary coordinator of our health and our function.

Nerve signals need to flow freely between our brain and body without interference. The nervous system, much like a safety pin, requires a complete connected cycle for optimal function and health.

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