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Let’s create change.

A showcase of work for Human Health in Jersey. I have worked with my cousin Tom Faulkner at Human Health Jersey since opening the poractice in 2016. This project was my platform into my niche, and what I do today.

In 2021, following The Brand Mind-Body-Spirit, we refreshed the creative style of the brand and took a fresh approach with the logo. Moving away from the original seed icon, but subtly referencing it within the curves and backgrounds of the application.

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The brand direction is inspired by nature. Treating the brand as a business here to do good, and here to create lasting change in the sustainability of our planet. This is achieved through every business decision, from the recycled kraft paper we use on the stationery to the general runnings of the business.

The logo is created on the idea of reconnecting mankind to nature.

Hu – an ancient word meaning nature/universe/god (whatever higher consciousness means for you).

Man – man/womankind.

Human Health – re-connecting man/woman to nature.

You can view the original brand further down this page.

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The pre 2021 brand

I have been part of Human Health since their inception. I kept their logo mark simple, using the iconic seed of life as the brand icon. The brand has developed over various brand materials and uses the seed as a graphic device.