Evolve Chiropractic brand

Chiropractor in Winchester, UK

Heal > Adapt > Evolve

Andy and Ellie contacted me late in 2020 to help with building their brand and setting up their practice. At the time, they had no name and an open mind to what the business could become.

They went through The Shaping Bay’s signature brand strategy, ‘The Brand Mind-Body-Spirit’.

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Andy and Ellie offer a unique framework of care, including a tailored health score, that helps clients measure their health as they ‘evolve’ through their journey.

We uncovered the huge transformational journey that Ellie and Andy were creating for their clients during the strategy. This idea formed the tagline: Heal > Adapt > Evolve. And also formed the name, Evolve chiropractic. The next task was to bring this transformation through to creative.

One afternoon, going cross-eyed sketching out ideas, I recognised that the word ‘evolve’ can almost be re-jigged to spell ‘we love’ (ve love). With just the addition of an extra ‘v’, the phrase was complete. And love being the highest emotion achieved through transformation, the phrase accompanied their name ‘evolve’ well.

As, at this point, the brand had no icon. So the upside-down ‘v’ forms the logo, representing an upward journey to better health. And allows the logo to ‘evolve’ from evolve to we love.

The concept aligned well with their business. As chiropractic is an intervention-free treatment, chiropractors simply re-order the nervous system to allow the body to naturally recover. Nothing is added or taken away.

In the same way, nothing is added or taken away to form the logo transformation. The logo simply adapts to its new shape, ‘we love’.

This creative style was taken through to a broad range of online and print material.

Website • www.evolvechiro.co.uk