Epoch Lincoln brand

Chiropractor in Lincoln, UK

Epoch, a definitive period in the history of your life.

The Epoch Lincoln brand was recently refreshed after Tom Waller and Sarah Waller went through The Shaping Bay’s signature brand growth program ‘The Brand Mind Body Spirit’.

Epoch was at a stage in its growth where the business needed to take on new associates. Naturally, over the years, the brand had been positioned around Tom Waller.

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We re-shifted the focus on Tom towards a focus on the personality of Epoch as a business. This was achieved through the brand strategy, with the resulting tagline being:

Break boundaries, achieve your impossible. This is your Epoch.

‘Through applying a unique framework of care, our chiropractors correct and empower our community to achieve their impossible. Be that running a local marathon or taking your grandchildren for a walk.

This new brand direction was taken through to influence every decision of the business positioning. From a communal chalkboard where clients and employees write down the ‘unachievable’ goals they are working on to the redesign of the logo, website and stationery to feel more bold and inspirational.

‘We support our community to break down physical and mental barriers and achieve life-changing goals. Epoch Lincoln is a place where no one should believe any challenge is unachievable. And every human has great potential for health.’

And finally, the brand has developed its own unique language around the brand. Creating discussion within the community around finding the ‘epoch’ in Lincoln and referring to the brand’s loyal client base as ‘epochers’. Micro messages within the community like this make it easy to spread the concept of the business through conversation.

‘We facilitate a brighter future for Lincoln. A future made possible by one decisive moment, the decision to create change. The discovery of ‘epoch’ in the community of Lincoln.’

Website • www.epochcentres.co.uk

The pre 2021 identity

I have worked with Tom and Sarah at Epoch since day one. The brand started with a strong concept that we have developed over the years into the broad range of graphic material we have today.


The original brand was created based on the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 that is seen throughout nature. Each logo is created using the sizings of the ratio as a grid. As Chiropractic has a natural approach to health and healing, it was fitting that we use the geometric laws of nature to create the brand logos.

Owl: The owl was selected to represent the overall brand. Selected for its wisdom, power and symbolism in the uk.

Swan: The swan was selected to represent Lincoln. Selected for its strong links to the Lincoln area and majestic nature.