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From one patient to another: You can heal, never give up.

Brian Bamberger, from London, contacted me to work on rebuilding his business.

We built the brand from the foundation up, running Brian through The Shaping Bay’s signature brand building programme for chiropractic practices, The Brand Mind-Body-Spirit.

Brian has a very unique story, he had owned and run Angel Chiropractic in Islington, London, since 2000. In 2017, Brian was cycling home one afternoon after his shift and was knocked off his bike. He found himself in the shoes of his patients and at the beginning of a four-year-long journey to recovery.

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‘The experience took me out of my linear working life and put me in the shoes of my patients. I experienced first-hand the frustration and despondency that can take hold of you through restriction and pain.’

Being located in central London, Brian sees a lot of busy commuting workers. We decided to pivot his brand around his own story of losing his business and starting again. One of Brian’s profound realisations through his recovery was that he wasn’t content in his former busy business life. And now, with a slower, more content outlook on life, he wanted to emulate this shift in thinking through his new business operations.

So, we based the logo and visual identity around slowing brainwaves. Stepping out of the busy bustle of London and reconnecting to one’s true self. Being a busy place, Brian’s logo needed to be clear, easy to read and unique.

I restyled a bespoke typeface to subtly join up the letters ‘Angel’. Showing flow through the logo to represent the brainwaves of clients who take time to visit Angel Chiropractic. Whilst being easy to read on a busy London street. The brand then uses flowing curves through its imagery.

‘In 2021, I re-opened Angel Chiropractic with a fresh outlook on life and as a completely transformed human being. Angel Chiropractic now serves the busy community of London with a truly unique framework that addresses the mental and physical sides of patient healing – a process that corrects and educates patients through their journey to optimal health.’

From one patient to another. You can heal, never give up.

Brian Bamberger

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