For Blue

Growing opportunities in the Indian Ocean. By We Are Arising

Andrew from We Are Arising had a large body of text and imagery that needed pulling together into a presentable document to move his project forward.

Together we planned a functional layout and approach for the document in terms of branding, writing and sections. I designed the layout accordingly to fit the content.

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Human understanding, appreciation and use of our oceans are increasing. But at the same time, global indicators show a decline in ocean health with irreversible changes already occurring.

The intersection of increasing demand and decreasing capacity means ‘now’ is a time of growing demand for beneficial ocean innovations. Western Australian actors are uniquely positioned to contribute to and capitalise on this moment.

Recognising this, We Are Arising has invested in a scoping study with the intention of: Discerning and describing opportunities for Western Australian institutions and innovations to beneficially contribute to the health of the Indian Ocean and its dependent human populations.