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Marketing your Chiropractic Practice Podcast

I recently had a brilliant chat with Angus Pyke from the ‘Marketing your Practice Podcast’. [...]
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How to excite & connect with your brand story

How familiar does this sound?… Using our friend Gary the Chiropractor as an example again. [...]
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The functional approach to SEO

What is the flip side of paying to hold your ‘trophy’ spot at the top [...]
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How to increase patient retention

How long do your customers hang around for? Do you see them falling out of [...]
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5 symptoms of a weak brand

I work daily with healthcare brands on strengthening their brand-business connection and alignment. Typically, the [...]
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Why you don’t need a logo

My background is in Design, which comes with a title of expected outputs. The main [...]
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The brand (brain) – business (body) connection

I am asked daily for designs related to what clients view as ‘branding’. A logo, [...]
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